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Introduction To Kauma & Chef Kundeti

Kauma was formed an year ago to serve in the market irresistible chocolates and Chocolate Coverture Chips that are made from rich cocoa beans and flavorful ingredients.

Chef Kundeti, an MBA in Hospitality from widely famous Vatel Hotel Management Institute (France) created Kauma, to introduce and serve world-class chocolates. Working as an Executive Head Chef in renowned establishments of United Kingdom and France, and holding over 20 years of experience in culinary field, he, with his brand Kauma has become a popular name in the country.

At International level cooking, he has won various awards, Gold Medal & Title of Channel Islands Senior Pastry Chef of the Year, Gold Medal for Chocolates at Salon Culinaire Necastle, Gold Medal for Plated Desserts at Salon Culinaire Newcastle, Silver Medal & Best In Class for Chocolates at HOTELYMPIA London, Bronze Medal for Afternoon Tea at HOTELYMPIA London, are a few to cite.

Chef Kundeti has perfected his chocolate producing skills from industry best names such as Andreas Lara, Nicolas Lesvan, Jean Pierre Wybauw, Ecole Valrhona, Callebaut Chocolate Academy, and more.

Being a South Indian, he always has been fond of experimenting with ingredients in salty delicacies and sweet treats. For his excellence in making the best food, he also got featured in ITV new channel (UK). A nutritionist and foodie by heart, he has been focused on introducing hygienically prepared and nutritionally benefiting food.

It was during his travel to the southern part of India that he fell in love with fresh cocoa beans and decided to exhibit his skills of producing finest chocolates. With his brand Kauma, he is aiming to make the country well-recognized on the world culinary map.

3 P's To Our Progress

  • Pure: Pure ingredients, rich in flavour and best in quality are used for producing Vegan Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Couverture, etc., in small batches, where no compromise on quality is ever made.
  • Passion: All we think is consumers love for chocolates, so we work passionately and ensure each order is completed on time.
  • Provenance: To make absolutely delicious chocolates, cocoa and other ingredients of highest quality standards are sourced and used.

Kauma Chocolates- From Beans To Bars

We at Orgchoin Foods (OPC) Private Limited, deal directly with farmers to source cocoa beans and ensure best taste in our range. To produce finest array of chocolates, we work step-by-step- Harvesting, Fermenting, Drying, Roasting, Cracking & Winnowing, Grinding & Conching, Tempering, Moulding and Wrapping.

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